Central Asia Gateway

Connect Central Asia and international markets

See import and export procedures step-by-step:


Inform on foreign trade

The Info Trade Central Asia Gateway (Central Asia Gateway) provides direct access to step-by-step guides on licenses, pre-clearances permits and clearance procedures for most traded goods within, to and from Central Asia.

The Central Asia Gateway automatically retrieves data from the national trade facilitation portals of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, and displays information on export, import, and transit procedures for various modes of transport such as road, rail, sea and air. For each procedure, the Central Asia Gateway provides users with contact persons, required documents, forms, associated costs, legal justifications, and avenues for addressing issues.

Transparent information on requirements to trade across borders in the region facilitates door-to-door trade operations and empowers users to effectively utilize Central Asian routes.

Traders will no longer be lost in a maze of regulations and time-consuming paperwork and can now access information in just one click.


With the Central Asia Gateway the movement of goods through corridors becomes faster and smoother. It helps foster regional trade integration and connect businesses to regional and global markets.

A key feature of the Central Asia Gateway is the Trade Facilitation Index (TFI).

The TFI allows Central Asia countries to exchange good practices and to track their progress towards facilitation goals set at the regional and national levels.

It also enables institutions engaged in trade facilitation to measure and compare the ease of importing and exporting among Central Asia countries.

Currently, the Central Asia Gateway is piloting a corridor view of the trade formalities applicable along the corridors of Central Asia.

For the time being, the TFI and the corridor view can only be accessed by registered users.