Central Asia Gateway

Connect Central Asia and international markets

See import and export procedures step-by-step:


Inform on foreign trade

The Info Trade Central Asia Gateway (Central Asia Gateway) provides direct access to step-by-step guides on licenses, pre-clearances permits and clearance formalities for most traded goods within, to and from Central Asia.

The Central Asia Gateway automatically extract information from national trade facilitation portals in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, that present national export, import and transit formalities step-by-step by mode of transport whether it is by road, rail, sea, or air. From each step, the Central Asia Gateway inform users on where to go, who to meet, what documents to bring, what forms to fill, what cost to pay, what law justifies the step and where to complain in case of problem.

This transparency for multimodal trade across borders facilitates door-to-door delivery within the region and enables every user to efficiently use Central Asian corridors and support trade integration.

No more frustration! Traders will no longer be lost in a maze of confusing regulations and endless paperwork and can now access information in one click.

Support alignment of trade policies

With the Central Asia Gateway the movement of goods through corridors becomes faster and smoother and thus help to connect businesses to regional and global markets.

A central part of the Central Asia Gateway is the Trade Facilitation Index (TFI).

The TFI allows Central Asia countries to exchange good practices and to track their progress towards facilitation goals set at the regional and national levels.

It enables institutions engaged in trade facilitation to measure and compare the ease of importing and exporting and the related administrative burden between Central Asia countries.

The TFI is, for the time being, for the exclusive use of trade facilitation authorities in the Central Asia countries.